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Mike’s Quality Homes started out as Movable Homes by Mike when Mike Hebert, a residential contractor in the area, took over as owner of Movable Homes in 1987. Mike has been building homes since 1980 and was one of the original builders of Movable Homes. When Mike took over Movable Homes he didn’t want to change the name because of its good reputation and his participation in it. However, in an effort to better reflect the type of homes we provide, Mike decided to change the name to Mike’s Quality Homes in 2009. While our name has changed, our leadership, personnel, and corporation have not, and we remain committed to providing the same level of superior service and end product that everyone has come to expect over the past 40 years.
Being a company built on quality, we believe in building trust, equity and the American Dream of home ownership for our customers and we plan on continuing this tradition for years to come.

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream House

You and your family deserve an affordable, quality home. That’s why at Mike’s Quality Homes, we base our reputation on not only building great homes, but on building trust, equity, and the American dream.

The Great American Dream Starts Here!

We can provide several options for building your custom home, such as pier or slab on-site home construction – from your plans, or from one of ours.

Do you construct your homes differently? What makes a Mike’s home better?

A house built by Mike’s Quality Homes is moved whole, not in pieces. Our homes are designed to be moved, therefore, we use more bracing than standard construction. There is no VIN number or axle associated with the home. We build our homes stick by stick. We do not use pre-manufactured or modular parts. We build from the ground up. Just like a quality home is supposed to be built. Our team uses an original set of plans for each and every home. Our homes are inspected and approved by an ICC (International Code Council) inspector. These homes have also been reviewed and stamped approved by an architect. The home is built to the code requirements in the parish where the home is to be delivered and completed. Our homes can be customized and vary in square footage and dimensions. All homes come with a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.
Mike’s Quality Homes is a licensed and insured residential homebuilder.