In today’s world of foreclosures, a slowed economy and hit-and-run contractors, you may get the feeling that buying a home is a risky proposition. The reality is, the good people of Southwest Louisiana are in need of affordable, quality homes – now more than ever. Welcome to Mike’s Quality Homes. We can provide several options for building your custom home, such as pier or slab on-site home construction – from your plans, or from one of ours. In addition, Mike’s offers a unique off-site home construction process. A process that enables our expert team of builders to construct your entire custom home at our facility, then transport it in one piece to your property. This turn-key approach provides many benefits. like cost savings, turnaround time, choice of approved plans, and best of all, bank-friendly loan options. You and your family deserve an affordable, quality home. That’s why at Mike’s Quality Homes, we base our reputation on not only building great homes, but on building trust, equity and the American Dream.

About us


Mike’s Quality Homes started out as Movable Homes by Mike when Mike Hebert, a residential contractor in the area, took over as owner of Movable Homes in 1987. Mike has been building homes since 1980 and was one of the original builders of Movable Homes.