Building 101

What You Need To Know

  • How Much You Can Afford
  • Timeframe
  • Who To Work With

Where To Start?

  • Call Your Bank
  • Secure Home Location
  • Think About Floor Plan Must-Haves

Want to build a new home…now what?

The most asked question is, where do I start? There are many ways to go about starting your new journey.

I think that first you should know what you want or can borrow. Call a bank or mortgage company (we have a list on our web page if you need help) that you are comfortable with and see what you can borrow. Most will give you an approximate value with the numbers you give them. Have a list of what you have coming in to the home, income and assets, and what you have leaving, car notes, credit card bills. This will give you an idea of what you can afford. But!! Just because you are approved for a $250,000 loan doesn’t mean you want a $250,000 mortgage payment.

Let your banker know what you can/want to spend on a house note and they can tell you what amount to borrow.
After you have your numbers, come by and see us! We will be glad to help you get into a home that fits into your budget!

Remember we do build on site (within the surrounding area), and move, we can do slab foundations and brick exterior and customize your new home!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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